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The unequal impact of the mental health crisis

11 Mar 2016, by in Equality

Mental health problems will affect one person in four: a statistic repeatedly quoted these days. There are other numbers. People disabled by mental ill health have only a 20% employment rate in contrast to an overall disability employment rate of just under 50%: evidence of the prejudice and stigma associated with mental health and an…

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A great leap forward: the Women and Equalities Committee report on transgender equality

15 Jan 2016, by in Equality

The report of the parliamentary Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into trans equality has now been published and its conclusions that trans people face serious prejudice and discrimination have attracted wide publicity. Trade unions views were among the more than 200 submissions to the inquiry. The committee gave much weight to the evidence of trans…

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Disability equality: A call for action

07 Jan 2016, by in Equality

The TUC has launched its Manifesto for Disability Equality, which is not a wish list, but a call for action. It is necessary because the government has been getting away for far too long with policies that do the opposite of what ministers claim. They have escaped being called to account because they have succeeded…

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“You don’t look disabled”

03 Dec 2015, by in Society & Welfare

To mark international day of disabled people on 3 December, the TUC has published guidance for trade union representatives and disabled workers under the title “You don’t look disabled”.  The individual case studies it presents show why it is needed. Much of the population assumes that disabled people use wheelchairs to get around, or carry white sticks.…

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How to tackle the crisis in mental health

02 Nov 2015, by in Equality

Today (2 November 2015) a letter signed by hundreds of prominent people including Frances O’Grady, General Secretary of the TUC and politicians from all major parties, calls for the autumn statement to ensure that mental health is treated on a par with physical health (requiring much greater investment). Ten areas of concern are set out.…

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LGB statistics confirm social change?

01 Oct 2015, by in Equality

The Office for National Statistics has published the Integrated Household Survey with the findings for 2014 for sexual identity and (bizarrely), smoking. The headline figure suggested that there had been little change in the overall number of people identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual since the first survey in 2010. Around 93% identify as heterosexual,…

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Trans issues: on our agenda

28 Aug 2015, by in Society & Welfare

The new Women and Equalities Select Committee – a cross-party group of Members of Parliament – decided that its first action would be to hold an inquiry into the position of transgender people in the UK. The initial consultation period has just closed and the TUC made a submission (which you can read here). Legal…

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