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Greenprint for a low carbon industrial strategy

16 Nov 2015, by in Environment

The “perfect storm” hitting the steel industry has cost up to 10,000 jobs in the North East alone, directly or as consequence of steel plant closures. The Chancellor’s Spending Review on 25 November is likely to make matters worse, with expected staffing and research budgets cut by 25% to 40% at the unprotected business department in…

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OECD wants “cool policies” to tackle climate change and stimulate growth

10 Nov 2015, by in Environment

With evidence that for the first time, global temperature increases are now halfway towards the threshold of dangerous climate change, the OECD has called for government-led investment strategies and stronger regulatory frameworks to tackle climate change. Its effects “may otherwise not be manageable, even catastrophic.” Yet the Conservative government is criticised today by the Environmental…

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Timely call for stewards at Peoples’ March for Climate, Justice and Jobs

04 Nov 2015, by in Environment

The brilliant team organising the national climate demonstration in London on 29/11 has issued an urgent appeal for more stewards here, just as the UN warns that government pledges ahead of the Paris Treaty negotiations cannot prevent dangerous climate change. As unions prepare to support the national demonstration, the Cameron government, cutting to the heart…

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Steel crisis goes to the heart of UK industrial policy

29 Oct 2015, by in Economics

The steel industry is not alone. Right across the energy intensive industries there are profound and well founded concerns over plant closures, jobs losses, higher energy costs than competitors face, and a lack of a common vision for UK manufacturing. Yesterday, as government ministers rushed together three new task forces to rescue the steel industry,…

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Green Collar Nation – or industrial omnishambles?

19 Oct 2015, by in Environment

The government must stop cutting renewable energy funding, and instead get behind the UK’s transition to a low-carbon economy, say a new TUC/Greenpeace report. Green Collar Nation calls for “active support from government so the UK can become a world centre for low-carbon manufacturing, from  solar to steel.” Yet from steel to solar, good, skilled…

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