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We are the builders, Mr Chancellor

07 Oct 2015, by in Environment

On Saturday in Hackney we celebrated the launch at Banister House of the largest community solar power scheme on a housing estate in the UK. But instead of a pathfinder, Banister House may be the last of its kind, because of the Chancellor’s planned 87% cut in support for renewable energy projects. 65,000 jobs are…

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Government holding back development of world leading low-carbon industrial zone

01 Oct 2015, by in Environment

The great industrial and power centres in Yorkshire and the Humber’s Aire Valley have the potential to become Europe’s leading low-carbon industrial zone – but only if government unblocks its opposition to renewable energy and low carbon technologies. A new TUC report, Strategies for a low-carbon industrial future in Yorkshire and the Humber, shows that…

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Government’s moment of truth: will it support UK steel industry?

28 Sep 2015, by in Environment

Today’s disastrous announcement of the closure of SSI’s steel plant, Redcar, with the loss of 1,700 skilled jobs, will cause great hardship to the workers and their families, striking a blow to the heart of UK manufacturing. TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The Chancellor must provide more financial support for manufacturers in November’s spending…

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David, David, David, boy!

17 Sep 2015, by in Environment

The government says a key objective of the feed in tariff “is to give people a direct stake in moving to a low carbon economy.” A new video from the Banister House community solar project makes this appeal to the Prime Minister to stop the proposed tariff cuts: “David, David, David, boy!” an intern says,…

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Chancellor discarding £33bn solar power industry?

01 Sep 2015, by in Environment

Over 100 organisations have appealed to the Prime Minister over  the Chancellor’s plans to cut support for the solar power industry. The government, strangely shy about the employment impact of hazarding a £33bn industry. All DECC will admit to in its consultation paper  is: “There is likely to be a negative impact on existing jobs…

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Chancellor’s dead hand on community energy schemes

07 Aug 2015, by in Uncategorized

George Osborne clearly intends to put a brake on community-led solar power schemes just at the point when they are cutting carbon, reducing green energy costs, creating jobs and winning public support. Unfortunately, his Treasury-led, austerity-led plan to change the rules for community-led solar power schemes is fronted by a much peddled untruth about the…

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