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Heading for the methane crunch?

23 Sep 2008, by in Environment

Good to see Chris Davies MEP, the European Parliament’s lead on carbon capture & storage, not letting the financial crisis derail investment in new green technologies. He is looking for support for 10 billion euros worth of carbon allowances to finance large-scale clean coal demonstration projects. Davies was speaking at the launch in Brussels of…

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Making good use of windfall profits

05 Sep 2008, by in Economics

Back in the Spring, the TUC’s Budget submission called for a windfall tax on energy companies. According to Ofgem, the energy regulator, the electricity industry will benefit from a windfall profit of around £9 billion from the free allocation of their emission permits from 2008 to 2012. A tidy profit with permits worth 24 euros…

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Clean coal, Kingsnorth and Hansen’s warning

05 Sep 2008, by in Environment

Have we got our policies right on clean coal? This week I attended a seminar with Dr James Hansen, widely regarded one of the world’s leading climate change scientists. He is visiting the UK to hold a series of meetings with UK politicians, NGOs, trade unions and business leaders – and giving evidence at the…

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