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Are strikes really all that common?

14 Oct 2015, by in Working Life

No. In fact, the latest figures suggest they’ve never been so uncommon. Being able to withdraw your labour is an essential human right, which is why Conservative ministers are usually careful to deny that the Trade Union Bill is an attack on the right to strike. But some of the Bill’s supporters are not very…

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What’s happening to earnings?

13 Aug 2015, by in Labour market

This is one of those ‘one chart says it all’ posts. Yesterday I was too busy looking at the regular labour market figures from the Office for National Statistics to notice they’d also published a Supplementary Analysis of Average Weekly Earnings. It’s well worth a read, and this chart is taken from page 2. The…

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No support for abolishing the Child Poverty Act

31 Jul 2015, by in Society & Welfare

The government can’t be accused of pussy-footing about. In this Parliament we’ve already had the most radical Budget for 20 years, an attack on trade unions that out-Tebbits Norman Tebbit and cuts to tax credits that will force thousands of low-paid workers and their children into poverty.  And, with the Welfare Reform and Work Bill, we…

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Today’s employment statistics

15 Jul 2015, by in Labour market

I have a post at Left Foot Forward looking at today’s labour market figures. I argue that it’s important not to read too much into one month’s figures, but it is worrying if this country can achieve decent jobs growth or adequate earnings but never both.

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Not a workers’ budget

08 Jul 2015, by in Economics

Massive and unfair cuts in tax credits and benefits are going to hit low-paid workers. Can the Chancellor hope to justify his claim that this is a “one nation Budget”? The key to any Budget is how it answers the question who gains and who loses?  The big picture is explained well in the latest…

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I ❤ redistribution

07 Jul 2015, by in Society & Welfare

You know you’re a nerd when you’ve got a favourite statistic, but you only know you’re a full geek when you can’t stop telling people about it. I’ve really got to write about The Effects of Taxes and Benefits on Household Income, even though it came out last week. I was away on the 29th…

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