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What’s wrong with local benefit rates?

05 Aug 2009, by in Society & Welfare

According to the Guardian, the Conservative are considering handing over to local authorities the power to set the rates for working age benefits. This isn’t just a silly season story – Lord Hanningfield, who proposed the notion isn’t just the leader of Essex County Council, he’s also the Conservative spokesperson on business in the House…

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Disabled people and the recession: new information

29 Jul 2009, by in Economics, Equality

New data suggests that the picture I painted earlier on in the month of steady progress in narrowing the disability employment gap was a little simplistic. Nigel Meager, from the Institute for Employment Studies has pointed out that using the figures for a different definition of disability actually shows a decline in disabled people’s employment…

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Child poverty and unemployment

15 May 2009, by in Labour market, Society & Welfare

The latest child poverty figures were very disappointing; it is time to insist that there is no solution to children’s poverty that ignores the poverty of their parents. Last week the newspapers gave the Government a kicking thoroughly examined the figures from the latest Households Below Average Income report. The focus for the comments was…

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Recession report #6: Unemployment rises, and looks as if it is going to go on rising for a long time

27 Apr 2009, by in Economic Reports, Economics, Working Life

Read the TUC Recession Report for April 2009 Today we have published our sixth Recession Report, where we analyse the most recent labour market statistics. What has been happening? It is not a pretty picture; the number of unemployed people and the proportion of the workforce who are unemployed have both risen, the number in…

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The Budget and Child Poverty

22 Apr 2009, by in Politics, Society & Welfare

The Budget’s new programme for unemployed young people is very welcome, and bears a certain resemblance to the TUC’s proposals for an intermediate labour market programme, but I can’t help being disappointed by the non-action on child poverty. Like other organisations in the End Child Poverty coalition, the TUC called for a £3 billion investment…

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