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Leave your desk and go home…

28 Feb 2014, by in Working Life

If you’re reading this on your computer at work you need to switch it off and go home! But before you do that, let me briefly explain why. Today is Work Your Proper Hours Day. This is the first day of the year when the 5.4m people who regularly work unpaid overtime effectively start getting…

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Why Britain needs a payrise

11 Jun 2013, by in Economics

Across Britain people have been living through the tightest squeeze in living standards in nearly century. Since 2009 wages have failed to keep with rising prices to the extent that a worker on a median income of around £26,000 is around £4,000 worse off today than four years ago. The sharp fall in the value…

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Introducing the Touchstone Incomes Tracker

30 Jan 2012, by in Economics

Living standards are falling for the first time in decades, with rising unemployment and real wage cuts causing domestic spending to fall and our economy to shrink. But shrinking pay is not a recent problem. The proportion of national wealth that goes on wages – the ‘wage output’ ratio – has been falling for over…

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The CUTS Factor: EMA leading the way

22 Dec 2010, by in Working Life

The abolition of education maintenance allowance (EMA) is currently winning the race to be 2010’s least favourite cut among Touchstone readers. My personal hunch is that this is because it ticks a number of boxes. Scrapping EMA is a) irrational – as the IFS has pointed out EMA has improved education attainment and supported social…

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