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Counting the cost of pregnancy discrimination

29 Oct 2016, by in Equality

This week, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) released figures on the financial cost of pregnancy discrimination.  For women who lose their jobs, the cost is between £47 million and £113 million, just in the first year.  Losses flowing from long term impacts on their career have not been calculated. This research follows on…

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Making GP services work for women

02 Jun 2014, by in Public services

The NHS remains, despite the cuts, a low cost health system with very good health outcomes. While the big picture remains impressive, there is much in the smaller picture which could be improved. The frustrating system of GP registration and appointments is one such problem area, brought home by recent research into women’s experiences of…

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A campaign win on pregnancy discrimination – but more work needed

20 Nov 2013, by in Equality

The Government’s recent announcement of £1 million to research pregnancy discrimination at work is a useful step in the right direction, if somewhat overdue.  What’s missing from the announcement are the simple and obvious measures which will enable women to exercise their maternity rights in the workplace. In 2006, the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) reported…

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Pressure to start Valuing Maternity

09 Jul 2012, by in Public services

The impact of the recession and austerity policies on pregnant women and new mothers has received little attention to date.  With the focus on overall job losses and cuts to direct services, the cumulative impacts on this low profile group has escaped the notice of politicians and policy makers. This is changing. A coalition of…

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