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Disabled people pulling down barriers across the EU

08 Jun 2016, by in Equality

This week Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson warned of the risks of leaving the EU for disability rights. The response from a Vote Leave spokesman was that the UK outlawed disability discrimination long before the EU did and that “EU governments have a terrible track record in protecting the disabled, and certainly should not be able to…

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The impact of motherhood on pay

08 Mar 2016, by in Equality

On Sunday we celebrated mothers’ day, a day when we show our appreciation for the often unsung and uncelebrated hard work of mothers. Today, on International Women’s Day, the TUC has published research that finds mothers are not so valued in the workplace. In fact, the research confirms the existence of a motherhood pay penalty,…

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Working grandparents, shared parental leave and care

06 Oct 2015, by in Equality

Yesterday, the Chancellor announced that the government will extend shared parental leave (SPL) and pay to working grandparents from 2018 – another policy stolen from Labour’s election manifesto. It is easy to envisage some of the benefits this increased flexibility will bring and political parties are right to recognise how heavily reliant many working families…

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