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An uncertain future for Free School Meals

20 Apr 2012, by in Society & Welfare

Thousands of low income families rely on Free School Meals, but the means-testing rules can create a real disincentive to work; unfortunately, this is set to get even worse when the new Universal Credit is introduced in 2013. Currently, families that get means-tested out of work benefits like Jobseeker’s Allowance qualify for Free School Meals…

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Hurting the working through 21 welfare cuts

16 Feb 2011, by in Society & Welfare

At the heart of the Government’s plans for welfare reform is the intention to improve the financial reward for moving into and progressing in work.  However, as Family Action’s new report “Pushed towards poverty: 21 welfare cuts for low income working households” shows, many of the reforms introduced in last year’s Budget and Comprehensive Spending…

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The welfare cap doesn’t fit

19 Oct 2010, by in Society & Welfare

Most of the noise and fury in the media over the Government’s announcements about welfare changes has been directed at the impact of unfair cuts to child benefit on higher earning families.  However, it is some of the poorest families on out of work benefits who will be most severely affected by welfare cuts effected…

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