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UK business wastes energy £billions

15 Dec 2010, by in Environment

UK businesses are wasting billions of pounds every year.  These are the findings from a Carbon Trust report published this week.  The report, The Business of Energy Efficiency, by the Carbon Trust’s  Advisory Service says that finance directors in large businesses are undervaluing the financial returns from energy saving by over a half. Energy saving…

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Climate Week promises collective action on climate change

09 Nov 2010, by in Environment

Last night saw the launch event for 2011’s Climate Week.  Climate Week runs from 21 – 27 March and is a national attempt to highlight climate action being taken in workplaces and communities across Britain. Its main focus is encouraging people to take practical action through the networks they are involved in – workplaces, schools,…

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CSR: George Osborne announces new carbon tax

21 Oct 2010, by in Environment

Slipping beneath the CSR headlines is a new carbon tax on large companies and public sector organisations. The CSR has introduced a fundamental change to the way the Carbon Reduction Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRCEES) will run.  The CRCEES is basically a cap-and-trade scheme covering approximately 3000 large energy users in the public and private sector. …

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