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Shares for rights: Unfair, unworkable and unhinged

25 Apr 2013, by in Working Life

The House of Lords twice rejected the Government’s preposterous “rights for shares” wheeze but finally caved in last night, after the proposal had been modified so much as to be more or less inaccessible. It really was like putting a lick of paint onto a derelict building and calling it fit to live in. The…

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The Swedish derogation

13 Sep 2011, by in Working Life

It may sound like a chapter from a dry history book but the “Swedish” derogation caused some interest at Congress today. Reference was made to it in an Emergency Motion from Unite, who are concerned about its impact on agency workers, and indeed other workers, in the UK. So what is it?

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Campaign launched on women’s state pension age U-turn

08 Feb 2011, by in Equality

A little noticed U-turn by the Coalition Government will mean that 4.9 million people will have to wait longer to get their pension – with 500,000 women aged 56-57 having to work more than an extra year, and 33,000 working for exactly two years longer. Last May the Coalition Agreement assured people that it would:…

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No pay day for women

02 Nov 2010, by in Labour market

Today is Equal Pay Day – the point in the year where, because of the gender pay gap in the UK, women start, effectively, working for no pay. In other words because, on average, women are paid 17% less than men, they miss out on around two months’ pay a year. Gender pay inequality is…

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Employment Tribunal? That will be £100 please

01 Oct 2010, by in Working Life

Watch out at next week’s Conservative conference for news of changes to the Employment Tribunal system. These are likely to include introducing charges for employees taking claims. This is a response to employer lobbying for the Government to “do something” to reduce the number of cases going to the Tribunals. Treating employees better might be the most…

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