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The Childcare Conundrum

29 Jan 2013, by in Equality

Today the Minister for Education and Childcare, Elizabeth Truss, will set out the government’s plans to reform the childcare system. While Truss is right to identify the problems with the UK childcare system, the proposed solution of increasing the ratios of childcare worker to child, is likely to worsen the problem, rather than alleviate it.…

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Better late than never – UK Government signs Council of Europe convention on violence against women

12 Jun 2012, by in Equality

Following my previous blogs on the UK Government’s failure to sign the Council of Europe Istanbul Convention (previously the CAHVIO Convention) on violence against women, I’m pleased to report that the government has now  (very quietly) announced that it has signed up. The announcement was buried in the detail of the announcement about the proposal to…

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A happy International Women’s Day surprise: Government commits to signing Istanbul Convention on violence against women

08 Mar 2012, by in Equality

I got a nice International Women’s Day surprise when I woke this morning to the news that Nick Clegg had announced in a speech in the Hague last night that: “On the eve of International Women’s Day, I’d like to express the UK’s support for the principles in the Council of Europe’s Convention on Violence Against Women…

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The Equality Deficit

15 Nov 2011, by in Equality

Tomorrow (Wednesday 16th November) the TUC will be holding a one day conference called The Equality Deficit. The conference, which is free and open to all, provides an opportunity for trade unionists, voluntary sector workers, campaigners and community organisers to explore the equality impact of the cuts. Importantly, the conference aims to build alliances between…

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What women want

14 Sep 2011, by in Equality

Leaked government documents this week exposed the coalition’s fear that they are losing the support of women voters. They’re right to be concerned. Gavin Kelly’s excellent analysis in the New Statesman shows that government policy is indeed alienating women voters, particularly working class women. So far, so good. Acknowledging that government policies may not be…

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