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Tunisia – Another Way Forward

09 Oct 2013, by in International

It does indeed seem a long time ago since I sat in an Italian restaurant just outside Tunis watching the fall of the Morsi  government on TV. With me, excited young Tunisian trade unionists gave me a running interpretation of the Arabic broadcast. They were utterly jubilant and could not understand the concerns I expressed…

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Egypt at a Crossroads

05 Jul 2013, by in International

The Egyptian trade unions have certainly been in the forefront of the demand to see the government of Egypt replaced. The level of anti –Brotherhood support in the streets has undoubtedly been impressive in its vastness and the determination of those taking part. It is also certainly true that the demonstrators have much to protest…

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Signs of movement on Domestic Workers Convention

12 Feb 2013, by in International

There are encouraging signs of countries ratifying ILO Convention No 189 on Domestic Workers. To date 8 have done so: Uruguay, Philippines, Mauritius, Italy, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Paraguay and Colombia. Of course these ratifications are important for all the domestic workers in all of these countries. From a UK perspective however Italy is probably the standout…

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ILO Figures on Domestic Workers

10 Jan 2013, by in International

The ILO has just published a report called Domestic Workers  Across the World which both quantifies the numbers of Domestic Workers globally and states what legal protections they have. Or probably more accurately what legal protections are they excluded from! Based on official statistics from 117 countries there are some 52.6 million Domestic Workers worldwide.…

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If the Cap Does Not Fit!

22 Nov 2012, by in International, Labour market

The Government’s announcement today about yet more changes to  Immigration Rules is in part indicative of their failing policies. The Government’s commitment to reducing net migration has led them into a series of measures which are damaging the economy, a fact which is now being widely acknowledged. A fact which is becoming all too evident! Be its…

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The Continuing Tale of Migrant Exploitation

16 May 2012, by in Working Life

Yesterday’s guest post from Louise Woodruff of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) made for harrowing but unfortunately all too familiar reading. Louise provided a resume on the new JRF report  ‘Experiences of Forced Labour in the UK Food Industry’. The JRF report is both a catalogue of human misery but also of the greed and…

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Domestic Workers at Risk

07 Mar 2012, by in Working Life

If you drew up a list of which were the most vulnerable workers in our society, then domestic workers would come at or near the top for most of us. Within the category of domestic workers you might well single out those who live in the home of their employers, who are overwhelmingly women, as…

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