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How wrong can you get Immigration?

06 Mar 2012, by in International

When it comes to immigration policy the Government is doing a double whammy on the British economy. How so? The Government’s commitment to bringing net migration down to the tens of thousands by 2015, from the current figure of around 250,000, is increasingly looking forlorn. With no control over EU worker mobility or indeed emigration,…

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Migration Policy Failing

26 May 2011, by in International

Figures release by the National Office for Statistics this morning shows net migration at its highest level in more than five years. A major factor in producing these figures is the decline in the number of people leaving the UK.

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What Price Foreign Students?

07 Dec 2010, by in International

With the newly announced net migration figure climbing to 215,000 from 196,000 the Government’s pledge to reduce it to the tens of thousands is proving to be even more difficult to achieve than ever. The main reason for this increase has been a further drop in emigration, a factor over which they have little control.…

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The mess of Government migration policy

28 Nov 2010, by in International

The Government’s commitment to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands has been in trouble from the outset. A major part of the problem is that they have no control over two key factors affecting net migration, out flows/emigration and the number of EU citizens who choose to come to the UK.‪ ‪The latest figures available showed…

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