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Women’s Aid to deliver their SOS signal to Downing Street

19 Nov 2014, by in Equality

Since 2010, 17% of specialist women’s refuges have been lost. In the first financial quarter of this year alone 10 specialist services have closed parts of their operation. These hazardous closures are predominantly due to local authority budget cuts and some extremely poor local commissioning practices. Inappropriate commissioning practices reported to Women’s Aid include: competitive…

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Closures of specialist domestic violence refuges will cost lives

06 Sep 2014, by in Equality

Specialist domestic violence refuges, like the ones Women’s Aid members run, are without doubt indispensable and irreplaceable. They are the invisible, anonymous and yet life-saving services that operate under the radar in society in order to keep women and children survivors of domestic violence safe. Our local communities and the lives of the many hundreds…

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