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Join the call to drop Greece’s debt

23 Jun 2015, by in International

The government of Greece is in a battle with creditors to overturn austerity policies which have wreaked havoc on the country. Unemployment has been over 20% for four years. One-third of people now live in poverty. The debt cannot be paid and, for Greece to be given a chance to fight poverty and inequality, it…

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Time for a real jubilee

09 Jun 2012, by in International

In February, the Queen told Church of England bishops that “the concept of a Jubilee is rooted in the Bible”. But biblical jubilees had nothing to do with celebrating the anniversary of monarchical accession. Instead, they were periodic declarations of freedom, when debts would be cancelled, slaves released, land returned to its original owners, and…

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IMF crisis windfall should be used to cancel debt

04 Apr 2011, by in International

In 2007 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was in financial crisis. Income from the interest charged on the money it lends had dried-up. During the 2000s, countries such as Argentina, Brazil and Thailand paid off their debts, scarred by the free market economic conditions forced upon them in previous years. The governments which run the…

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