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08 Nov 2017, by in Blogging

Touchstone blog is no longer publishing new content, as we’ve moved the TUC’s new policy blog content to our main website. You can read new blogs from the TUC at Thanks for being a Touchstone blog reader over the years and we hope you will also find our new blogs as useful to you.

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TUC Economic Quarterly Report 8

15 Feb 2016, by in Economic Reports

This quarterly TUC report provides an analysis of UK economic and labour market developments over recent months. The growth rate of the UK economy slowed in 2015, following a more rapid expansion in 2014. This slowdown was common to a number of countries. In the UK there are still material gains in employment but any…

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#SpendingReview 2015 – the Touchstone blog round up

25 Nov 2015, by in Politics

George Osborne’s first Spending Review of the new parliament has hit the headlines for his spectacular U-turn over drastic cuts to tax credits. It avoids the hardship it would have inflicted on millions of low-paid families, though as Richard Exell points out, the cuts to Universal Credit are still there and will hit more people…

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TUC Economic Quarterly Report 7

31 Jul 2015, by in Economic Reports

This quarterly TUC report provides an analysis of UK economic developments over recent months; focuses on the current labour market compared to pre-recession levels; and includes a spotlight feature on productivity since 2008.  Summary Economic activity appears to have weakened a little from the end of 2014 and into 2015. Historic imbalances have not been…

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Web links for 17th March 2015

17 Mar 2015, by in Web links

Standardisation: Are our regulations being privatised by the back door? Hugh Robertson writes for Stronger Unions on the increasing move towards industry led standardisation rather than regulation, and the problems this is causing. Building homes will create jobs and bring hope to many. So why wait? Frances O'Grady writes for the Guardian on housing. Tinkering…

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Web links for 23rd February 2015

23 Feb 2015, by in Web links

‘In Conversation’ with Frances O’Grady at SPERI Frances O'Grady talks about inequality at Sheffield UNI SPERI. Discussing her time in Davos this year, she makes the case that "you cannot redistribute wealth unless you are prepared to redistribute power". Whether you’re a football club or a business, paying the living wage is just good sense…

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Web links for 22nd January 2015

22 Jan 2015, by in Web links

Training is essential in the labour market of today and tomorrow Skills and qualifications are needed more than ever and at every level, writes unionlearn's Tom Wilson. The number of jobs needing no qualifications fell from 28% in 2006 to 23% in 2012; jobs requiring a degree rose from 20% to 26%. The global elite…

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