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Autumn Statement 2014: The Touchstone roundup

04 Dec 2014, by in Economics

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement is in the papers today for stamp duty changes to help home buyers and a clampdown on tax avoidance. Our bloggers have been unpicking some of the other details though, and they’ve found a rather less rosy picture: Philip Pearson saw little or no benefit for green growth. Green taxes seem…

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TUC Economic Quarterly Report #4

06 Jun 2014, by in Economic Reports

The latest TUC economic quarterly report provides an analysis of UK economic and labour market developments over recent months, and includes an extended feature on self-employment.  In this issue we find GDP growth has been strong since the start of 2013. But GDP per capita is less impressive. And returning to the pre-recession peak is…

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Social mobility and income inequality: The international evidence

12 May 2014, by in Society & Welfare

Why do some countries have more social mobility than others? The question is important, as it goes to the heart of the issue of equality of opportunity. In order to evaluate equality of opportunity in the UK, we need a point of comparison. By looking at factors associated with higher or lower mobility in similar countries, we can get a sense of where there is scope for improvement.

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Government cuts for solar power are anti-business

12 May 2014, by in Environment

The Solar Trade Association (STA) fears the government will spring more surprise cuts to solar energy support on the industry this week. Fresh reports in the media of new ‘reviews’ are already affecting many small and medium solar companies. Solar farms were hit hard by cuts to Feed-In Tariffs in 2011. But, with the cost…

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