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How Greek austerity has stoked inequality

08 Apr 2015, by in International

A new study, Greece: solidarity and adjustment in times of crisis, shows that the impact of the austerity and structural adjustment policies applied in Greece between 2008 and 2013, since 2010 through loan conditions imposed by the Troika (IMF-European Commission-ECB) have been overwhelmingly borne by lower-income households, resulting in a sharp increase in income inequality. Among other…

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Why are the Greeks protesting?

01 Dec 2011, by in International

The Greek trade unions have called a general strike for Thursday 1 December. GSEE international officer Zoe Lanara explains why. Today’s general strike, called by the Greek General Confederation of Labour GSEE and the civil servants’ confederation ADEDY, is designed to protest the country’s 2012 budget which brings €7.1 billion in new regular and emergency taxes and…

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