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False Economy goes live

30 Nov 2010, by in Blogging, Public services

The new cuts campaign website has gone live today. The TUC is a strong supporter, and we have been working with a group of local campaigners and on-line activists for the last few months, to make it a reality. I’ve got the first blog post on the site setting out in more detail what the site is…

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More stories about defence cuts

30 Aug 2010, by in Blogging, Politics

This weekend more stories have emerged about cuts in defence spending, featuring elements of the armed forces that are well-known to the public. Yesterday there were reports that the Ghurkha regiment is to be scrapped, today the newspapers featured reports that the Special Air Service is being forced to retire 40 of its most experienced…

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Live budget coverage here tomorrow

21 Jun 2010, by in Blogging

Join us from noon tomorrow on ToUChstone blog for live coverage of the budget, in association with Left Foot Forward, Liberal Conspiracy and other progressive bloggers. And then throughout the afternoon, our team will be giving their specialist takes on the impact of the Chancellor’s announcements.

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A new cuts blog

10 Jun 2010, by in Blogging

A big welcome to new blog A Thousand Cuts – it’s:  the blog/news site that aims to report, monitor and analyse the impact of the savage public spending cuts that are about to hit Britain to cope with the fallout from the banking crisis.  It’s already got some interesting and useful posts.

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Budget 2010: Progressives Liveblog – 24 March, 12pm

22 Mar 2010, by in Blogging

Join us, the blogging teams of Left Foot Forward, LabourList and Liberal Conspiracy, and special guest commentators this Wednesday from noon for live blog coverage of, and reaction to, Alistair Darling’s budget speech in the Commons. We’ll be scanning Twitter for opinion as it happens, so make sure to use the hashtag #budget2010 to get…

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Season’s greetings from ToUChstone

25 Dec 2009, by in Blogging, International

We’d like to wish a very happy Christmas and New Year to all our readers here at ToUChstone blog. It’s been an interesting year for us as the blog has grown and diversified, and we’ve enjoyed sharing our blogging journey with so many people, old acquaintances and new. Our Christmas card this year marks thirty…

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