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Not much of a silver lining to the credit crunch

14 Oct 2008, by in Economics

I detect the start of ‘credit crunch – it can’t be all bad’ sentiments. Some of it is entirely justifiable schadenfreude at those losing their telephone number sized bonuses, though I expect they will soon get round this. It’s a pity we cannot use the Freedom of Information Act to demand a transcript of the discussions…

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Financial crisis leads to Conservative attack on workplace rights

12 Oct 2008, by in Economics, Labour market, Politics, Working Life

I thought this would happen just not so soon.  Those ‘compassionate conservatives’ are already using the threat of recession to argue for a reduction in workplace rights.  This is no backbench fundamentalist sounding off. It’s a major intervention by Mark Prisk who is, apparently, the Shadow Business Secretary and Chris Grayling, Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary.  Prisk, in…

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Neo-cons move over, it’s time for the neo-socs

10 Oct 2008, by in Economics

Samuel Brittan gave over much of his Financial Times column on Friday to quote Keynes approvingly. He’s not the only sinner to repent since the global financial system went into meltdown. It’s not just the commentariat – look at all the right wing politicians who have abandoned deregulation and liberalism to nationalise the banks (and…

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Will it just be talk on bonuses?

09 Oct 2008, by in Economics, Society & Welfare

It looks like the government is off-loading all responsibility for curbing bank bonuses to the FSA. (Tom P has more on this at Labour and Capital). This may well be the best way of dealing with the issue in the many city institutions (yes, there are quite a lot) who have not been part-nationalised. Though we…

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