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Addressing the ‘white working class’ – sense beginning to break out?

31 Oct 2008, by in Equality, International

David Lammy MP has said something sensible about the ‘white working class’ issue that’s been rearing its ugly head again recently. Trade unionists are rightly worried about suggesting it’s sensible to segment the working class by race (interesting note – apparently it’s ok to talk about the working class – normally discouraged by politicians as…

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Today is women’s no pay day

30 Oct 2008, by in Equality

Women working full-time in the UK get paid 17% less than men. As this is equivalent to women working the last two months of the year for free, the Fawcett Society have calcuated that today marks women’s no pay day – from today until the end of the year many women are effectively working for free, their…

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