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Work dress codes, high heels, and patent sexism

12 May 2016, by in Equality

There are so many problems with the story of Nicola Thorp, the London receptionist who was sent home by her agency, Portico, without pay because she refused to wear high heels, it’s hard to know where to begin. From a health and safety perspective, heels are bad for feet, joints and back. Sorry to be the…

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Many graduates still get little return on their investment, particularly if they’re BAME.

26 Apr 2016, by in Equality

Graduate employment statistics released today indicate that in 2015 the percentage of graduates in high-skill (i.e. graduate) employment was only 66.2 per cent, meaning just over a third of graduates were in non-graduate positions.  Frances O’Grady commented: “There are simply not enough quality jobs for young people leaving university. Far too many graduates are being…

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Black, qualified and unemployed: how the figures were found

15 Apr 2016, by in Equality

Today the TUC released analysis showing that for each level of education, BAME adults are significantly more likely to be unemployed than their white counterparts. In this post, I hope to provide a technical discussion about how these figures were calculated. For an important discussion of the underlying problems, as well as what the TUC thinks…

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Vocational education is letting young women down

11 Apr 2016, by in Equality

Vocational education is confused, and does not guarantee routes into good quality employment On the 8 April the Lords Social Mobility Select Committee published a report entitled “Overlooked and left behind: improving the transition from school to work for the majority of young people”. Damning and hard hitting, it concluded that the majority of young people…

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390,000 women a year are discriminated against in pregnancy yet only 1% take tribunal claim

22 Mar 2016, by in Equality

Today the EHRC published its long awaited report and recommendations on pregnancy discrimination. This follows on from last year’s interim report which found that 54,000 women per year are forced out of their jobs due to pregnancy discrimination. The final report leads with the astounding headline that 77%, the equivalent of 390,000 women, experience negative…

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#Budget2016: Women and low income households again bearing the brunt of austerity

16 Mar 2016, by in Equality

Last weekend the Women’s Budget Group published a cumulative assessment of ten years of austerity, covering both the Coalition government (2010-15) and the policies announced thus far by the Conservative government that took office in May 2015. The findings of the research could not have been starker: the ten percent lowest income households will experience…

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The unequal impact of the mental health crisis

11 Mar 2016, by in Equality

Mental health problems will affect one person in four: a statistic repeatedly quoted these days. There are other numbers. People disabled by mental ill health have only a 20% employment rate in contrast to an overall disability employment rate of just under 50%: evidence of the prejudice and stigma associated with mental health and an…

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