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Getting it wrong over Gaza

27 Jan 2009, by in International

The TUC shares the widely held view that the BBC and Sky have taken the wrong decision in refusing to screen the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal for humanitarian aid for Gaza, although it’s clearly right that, as Andy Burnham says, it’s a decision that broadcasters should take, not government. But that shouldn’t stop people disagreeing…

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Is there a secret union plot to end world trade? No.

09 Jan 2009, by in International

Jagdish Bhagwati, university professor, economics and law, at Columbia University in the USA, has started to froth at the mouth (in the Financial Times) about a secret plot he’s discovered by trade unions to end world trade as we know it. Apparently many of President Elect Obama’s people are in on it. And for all I…

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They just don’t get it in the Czech Republic

07 Jan 2009, by in International

A staggering and swaggering entry into the “they just don’t get it” category is the article by Czech President Vaclav Klaus in the FT today. He argues that the best way out of the current crisis is to deregulate everything. Sorry, I exaggerate. He actually only wrote that: “The best thing to do now would…

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Zimbabwe’s economy: dollarising or dolorising?

29 Nov 2008, by in International

A recently received mis-typed email revealed a wider truth. On Wednesday 3 December, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has called a day of action to draw attention to the continuing downward spiral of the economy of Zimbabwe – join their protest here. The latest phase is characterised by the flight of big business and…

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Addressing the ‘white working class’ – sense beginning to break out?

31 Oct 2008, by in Equality, International

David Lammy MP has said something sensible about the ‘white working class’ issue that’s been rearing its ugly head again recently. Trade unionists are rightly worried about suggesting it’s sensible to segment the working class by race (interesting note – apparently it’s ok to talk about the working class – normally discouraged by politicians as…

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