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New institutions needed to address concerns about migration

08 Mar 2017, by in Labour market

The Government has decided that ‘taking back control’ of the UK’s borders is more important than anything else, more important in particular than working people’s jobs and living standards. Even if immigration numbers don’t actually come down as a result, the Government is prepared to abandon membership of the EU single market and customs union, even though that…

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Digitisation and the future of work: what it means for unions

21 Feb 2017, by in Labour market

Will robots take all the jobs? This dystopian question, prompted by the so-called ‘fourth industrial revolution’ – an umbrella term encompassing Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the ‘Internet of Things’ – has prompted a lively debate in recent years. Digitisation is seen by some as simply the next wave of technological progress, but there is…

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Workers’ rights beyond Brexit

13 Feb 2017, by in Labour market

When the government published a white paper on Brexit priorities, we hoped it would give more certainty to working people on what the future holds. But it poses more questions than it answers. And it fails to give the reassurances workers need for their rights at work. During the referendum campaign, the TUC highlighted just…

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