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DC pensions are not replacing DB schemes

12 Sep 2009, by in Pensions & Investment

Other than attacks on public sector pensions, the commonest pension story in the media at the moment is news of employers closing defined benefit (DB) schemes to replace them with defined contribution (DC) schemes. (Briefly a DB scheme pays a pension based on your pay and years of service and is guaranteed by the employer, while a DC scheme…

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Pensions tax relief

12 Sep 2009, by in Economics, Pensions & Investment

There’s been a lively debate over at Liberal Conspiracy on my post on public sector pensions. Many of the points are from the small-state right and entirely predictable and have been effectively rebutted already, but there have also been some others that deserve a fuller response than one can put in a comments thread.

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Decent pensions for all

09 Sep 2009, by in Economics, Pensions & Investment

Today’s TUC report on pensions has got a good show in the Guardian, Independent and from Kevin Maguire in the Mirror. Our aim was to carefully go through all the arguments used by the shrink-the-state right against public sector pensions. Then we could explain where they mislead and  where they misrepresent, thus exposing their basic argument –  private sector…

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Living longer, working longer?

27 Jul 2009, by in Labour market, Pensions & Investment

I wasn’t very impressed with Vince Cable’s recent Mail on Sunday piece on public sector pensions. Yesterday’s article on the challenges of an ageing workforce is much more interesting – and anyone who can introduce the lump of labour fallacy to Mail on Sunday readers deserves high praise. His thesis that we need to change attitudes…

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