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New threats to defined benefit pensions

23 Jun 2009, by in Pensions & Investment

A new survey from Pricewaterhouse Coopers  suggests that there is to be a further round of pension scheme closures. This is what I have said about this today: “Companies are using the recession as an excuse to make savage cuts in pensions. But recessions are short term, and pensions are long term investments that can…

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Why the ‘live fast, die young’ private sector should be more like the public sector

16 May 2009, by in Economics, Pensions & Investment, Public services, Society & Welfare

The Financial Times reports a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers that suggests male middle managers spending their working lives in the civil service will take home more money over their life times than similar middle managers in the financial services sector.  The conclusion that public sector workers’ wages and pensions should be cut because they are cossetted and too…

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Where were the shareholders in the financial crisis?

28 Apr 2009, by in Economics, Pensions & Investment

In a useful and timely contribution to the financial crisis debate, PIRC – the Pensions Investment Research Consultants – has published a manifesto outlining its recommendations for reform of corporate governance and capital markets. PIRC recognises that alongside a catastrophic failure of financial regulation, the financial crisis represents a failure of corporate governance, and its…

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Are investors finally getting tough on executive pay?

29 Jan 2009, by in Economics, Pensions & Investment

Interesting to see international insurers and fund managers Aviva (they of the new name….) talking tough about executive pay, warning that there must be a moratorium on directors’pay rises, and criticising directors for paying ‘little more than lip service’ to employee pay and conditions.  They also raise the spectre of excessive executive pensions, urging companies…

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The CBI on public sector pensions

15 Dec 2008, by in Pensions & Investment

The CBI have joined the fray on public sector pensions. Of course they are more subtle than the Taxpayers’ Alliance and right-wing tabloids in their arguments, but they will still be seized on by all those aiming to stir up pensions envy from private sector staff understandably angry about not having a pension. And I thought it…

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