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We believe in quality public services for everyone, but also that you cannot have good services unless those employed to deliver them are treated properly.

The government’s decision to privatise enforcement puts profits ahead of security

07 Aug 2017, by in Public services

PCS has launched a campaign to halt the Conservative government’s latest attempt to privatise sensitive work in our justice system.  On 1 August, civil servants employed as civilian enforcement officers (CEOs) were told that the work they do enforcing financial fines for the criminal courts, will be put out to tender.  This see around 150 staff outsourced…

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The rail franchise needs more than just a reboot

03 May 2017, by in Public services

The current system of rail franchising leaves much to be desired. Passenger satisfaction is very uneven, and the system is not well aligned with the needs of the economy. Today, Campaign for Better Transport (CfBT) published a report on the state of Rail Franchising in the UK. Since 1995 a range of private Train Operating…

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