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Public spending cuts: will anyone ask the big question?

10 Jun 2009, by in Economics, Politics, Public services

The debate on public spending cuts heated up again today.  The Tory Health Spokesperson, Andrew Lansley, apparently gaffed by admitting that a Conservative Government would seek 10% cuts in spending. The NHS Confederation predicted massive cuts for the health service after 2011. And Cameron and Brown had the usual unenlightening barney about it all at PMQs.…

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Why the ‘live fast, die young’ private sector should be more like the public sector

16 May 2009, by in Economics, Pensions & Investment, Public services, Society & Welfare

The Financial Times reports a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers that suggests male middle managers spending their working lives in the civil service will take home more money over their life times than similar middle managers in the financial services sector.  The conclusion that public sector workers’ wages and pensions should be cut because they are cossetted and too…

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The politics of austerity

27 Apr 2009, by in Economics, Politics, Public services

David Cameron’s proclamation that we are now in the age of austerity will please much of his grassroots. The small state right may be in a minority in the electorate, but they remain strong in the media and among those Conservative core voters who hanker for a return to Mrs Thatcher (though actually she spent…

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£15 billion efficiency savings? Where?

20 Apr 2009, by in Public services

The BBC reports that the Budget will announce £15 billion of public spending “efficiency cuts”. Of course unions must be careful not to get put in a position where they deny that no bits of the public sector cannot be made more efficient, but it is nonsense to think that £15 billion can be hacked…

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A new and imaginary public/private split

18 Mar 2009, by in Public services

The Institute of Directors are always keen to stress that they do not just represent the well paid directors of Britain’s top firms. And of course there are many directors running small and medium companies who probably look  at the huge bonuses and pensions available in the biggest companies with the same mix of awe and outrage…

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