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Put People First, not IMF dogma

07 Mar 2009, by in Economics, Public services

Boston University Professor Kevin Gallagher has written in the Guardian about the IMF’s crazy pro-cyclical policies, demanding that the countries who apply for assistance cut their public sectors and welfare states in return for bailouts. Yet this is precisely the opposite, as he points out, of what the rich countries which fund the IMF are doing…

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Weather nonsense

02 Feb 2009, by in Public services

I’m not convinced by all those lining up to condemn anyone in sight for failing to deal with the weather. Doubtless there are lessons to be learnt, but the basic point is that we don’t have weather like this more than once every 20 years. If it happened every year then we should have gritters…

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Counting Goats*

16 Jan 2009, by in Politics, Public services

To quote Lord Digby: “Frankly the job could be done with half as many … It could be more productive, more efficient, it could deliver a lot more value for money for the tax payer.” At least he’s preaching what he practices. * a government of all the talents

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Public sector pensions again

09 Dec 2008, by in Pensions & Investment, Public services

(edited December 10th as the first draft read as if written in too much of a hurry – that’s because it was)   Mary Dejevsky has a piece in today’s Independent on public sector pensions. It’s much more thoughtful than the usual media attacks on public sector pensions as while she uses the language of pensions apartheid she concludes by attacking…

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Public Sector Pensions

28 Nov 2008, by in Pensions & Investment, Politics, Public services

There has been a sustained campaign by the Taxpayers’ Alliance and rightwing newspapers against public sector pensions. Public servants are featherbedded they say, and the future cost of providing pensions are of telephone number proportions. They seem to have made a convert in David Cameron. This is what he said in answer to questions at a…

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