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links for 2009-02-03

03 Feb 2009, by in Web links

President Obama on unions "We have to reverse many of the policies towards organized labor that we've seen these last eight years, policies with which I've sharply disagreed. I do not view the labor movement as part of the problem, to me it's part of the solution. We need to level the playing field for…

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links for 2009-02-02

02 Feb 2009, by in Web links

Tax Me If You Can – Panorama Trailer for the latest episode of the Beeb's investigative documentary series. John Sweeney and the Panorama team look into the tax havens used by the super-rich. Catch it tonight at 8.30pm on BBC1. (tags: panorama tax taxhavens) The Tax Gap investigation The Guardian kicks off a two week…

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links for 2009-01-27

27 Jan 2009, by in Web links

The white working class; Britain’s forgotten race victims? An interesting new Runnymede report asks 8 authors to respond to the growing debate about the white working class. (tags: Runnymedetrust whiteworkingclass) Policy Network : Rethinking migration: work and welfare in a mobile economy An interesting critique of the UK's approach from a 'third way' think tank

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links for 2009-01-22

22 Jan 2009, by in Web links

Banks think they are getting a hard time in the media And quite right too (tags: banks) Amnesty Blogs: 30 years of Amnesty trade union solidarity New blog from Shane Enright at Amnesty International UK, exploring trade union human rights issues and activism around the world. (tags: amnesty tradeunions humanrights) Dave Osler asks why left…

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links for 2009-01-21

21 Jan 2009, by in Web links

Stumbling and Mumbling: Arguing about bank nationalization Chris Dillow makes some interesting points. A little deregulatory secret We were not happy about this when it happened, and it's good for Richard Murphy to remind us. (tags: GordonBrown RichardMurphy)

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links for 2009-01-20

20 Jan 2009, by in Web links

What does Obama’s book tell us about his presidency? Oxfam's Duncan Green tries to draw predictions for Obama's outlook on foreign policy, international development and globalisation from his book "Dreams from my Father". (tags: barackobama oxfam)

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links for 2009-01-16

16 Jan 2009, by in Web links

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! The Daily Mirror's program to beat the credit crunch has fallen for the ludicrous 'stop new red tape' demand. I thought the sheer laughability of the small business call to put off giving parents of older children the right to ask for flexible working as a major contribution to…

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