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Flexible working – where do we go now?

19 Feb 2009, by in Economics, Working Life

Already the downturn has led to employers calling for employment rights to be slashed – most recently with the Institute of Directors claiming that fair treatment at work is costing the UK £1billion a year, with new rights to flexible working adding £61 million to their total. But of course this is ridiculous. The business…

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Vulnerable employment – what happens when workers lose their jobs?

16 Feb 2009, by in Economics, Labour market, Society & Welfare, Working Life

These is increasing evidence that the most vulnerable workers are set for the toughest experiences of unemployment. Job losses at the mini factory today are different from some other recent redundancies – workers are on agency contracts for services, so despite having many years employment at the firm have no entitlement to redundancy pay or…

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Who are the REAL protectionists?

10 Feb 2009, by in International, Working Life

Trade unions are under persistent attacks for ‘protectionism’ at the moment, and as we begin a recession that will be made deeper and longer if protectionism flourishes, that’s a pretty serious charge. It’s also false. Unions are indeed in favour of protecting workers. But that’s not the same as protectionism. And very often it’s the people…

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Snow excuse for bad employers

03 Feb 2009, by in Working Life

I’ve just had a phone call from an employee whose boss told him that he would be treated as “absent without leave” yesterday, even though he had phoned his workplace and left a message saying that he would not be able to get to work because there were no buses running throughout the city. This took place on…

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Doom-mongers overplay holidays for the sick judgement

21 Jan 2009, by in Working Life

If you read “business attacks ruling on holidays” in the FT today, or the Sun’s lurid “fury over sick pay ruling” you might be excused for thinking that this week’s ruling from the European Court of Justice was all about the EU bashing British business. Luckily, much of the business reaction is either spin or bunkum.

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