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Digby Jones: get a life!

16 Jan 2009, by in Labour market, Politics, Working Life

At first I thought that Digby Jones’ was being ironic when he claimed that being a junior government minister was “one of the most dehumanising and depersonalising experiences” anyone could have.  But then I recall that this is the same man who chose “Simply the Best” by Tina Turner as one of his Desert Island Discs…

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Tough talk on rogue employment agencies

04 Dec 2008, by in Working Life

A satisfying change in tone from the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate which is now in the business of “purging” rogue employers rather than denying that any of them exist. Still, with only 26 inspectors nationally it will remain hard pressed to prevent the worst practice.

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New flexible working rights confirmed in Queen’s speech

03 Dec 2008, by in Labour market, Working Life

The Government will not be withdrawing or postponing proposals to introduce new flexible working rights for parents from April 2009. This is good news. Government have listened to the evidence, which shows that flexible working is good for employees and for business, during recession or periods of growth, and for small as well as large organisations.  The Federation of…

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Conservatives combine regressive rhetoric with confusion

28 Nov 2008, by in Working Life

Tory proposals now appear to combine a regressive attitude to employment protection with a basic lack of understanding. Citizens Advice have highlighted a fascinating article in the Daily Telegraph, which cites CBI experts on the “the weight of new and vexatious claims” which the tribunal system is straining under. This is a subject near to…

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