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Minimum Wage – how we can catch the cheating employers.

17 Jan 2017, by in Working Life

More than 250,000 UK workers are paid less than the legal minimum wage – let’s put this right. At a conservative estimate, minimum wage underpayment affects 250,000 people, but we fear that the true figure could be higher. For instance, we have heard that the forthcoming official Apprentice Pay Survey is likely to show that nearly one in five apprentices…

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High hopes for the Taylor review?

30 Nov 2016, by in Working Life

Matthew Taylor’s independent review of working practices launches today. We’re looking forward to working with him. Here are the things we think his review has the potential to change for working people: Making sure everyone can access decent rights at work Access to key workplace rights including protection against unfair dismissal, and family friendly rights, depend…

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Zero-hours contracts up 21% in just one year

08 Sep 2016, by in Working Life

The new official statistics on zero-hours contracts in the UK are out today and they make for grim reading. Over the past year, Britain’s zero-hours workforce has grown from 747,000 to 903,000 – a rise of 21%. Zero-hours contracts have become an easy way for bosses to employ staff on the cheap, and more and…

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