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Don’t let young people be scrooged by bad bosses

10 Dec 2015, by in Working Life

The story of 15-year-old Jay El-Leboudy is a touching tale of a young man juggling part-time work alongside his school studies in order to buy his family Christmas presents. Except that’s not how the story ends. Because whilst Jay thought his ten weeks of work would be appropriately rewarded, his employer at the Londis store…

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Making work better – the key to the productivity puzzle

24 Nov 2015, by in Working Life

Politicians and policy makers talk a lot about the UK’s poor productivity record, with output per hour still below pre-crisis levels and well behind France, Germany and the USA. Narrowing the productivity gap with our competitors is worth a staggering £21,000 per year for every household in the UK. Boosting productivity growth (in both the…

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Are strikes really all that common?

14 Oct 2015, by in Working Life

No. In fact, the latest figures suggest they’ve never been so uncommon. Being able to withdraw your labour is an essential human right, which is why Conservative ministers are usually careful to deny that the Trade Union Bill is an attack on the right to strike. But some of the Bill’s supporters are not very…

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Strikes at historic low level

16 Jul 2015, by in Working Life

The ONS has today published a new report on industrial disputes. This confirms that they are at a historically low level. Ironically this comes one day after the government published plans to legislate to squeeze strikes. In fact, in the current decade less than a tenth as many days are being lost to stoppages as were in the 1980s. Indeed,…

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