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Fairness and ProsperityFairness and Prosperity online seminar

Video from an online seminar with Professor Richard Wilkinson, Howard Reed and Kate Green MP, on the links between a more equal society and economic efficiency.

Tax Credit changes calculatorTax Credit changes calculator

This calculator provides a rough estimate of how the Government’s Tax Credit changes will affect different types of families. It shows approximate Tax Credit awards for different types of households in 2012/13 both before and after the Government’s changes and cuts.

Cuts WatchCuts Watch

An occasional roundup of stories in the news detailing the extent and implications of cuts to public spending and public services. Who’s cutting what, and by how much?

Cuts CalculatorCuts Calculator

See how the cuts in public services will affect your household with our interactive calculator. Give us some details about your family, and we’ll tell your how much value you’d typically lose from lost services.

Online electoral reform testElectoral reform test

An interactive quiz to help you work out which of the main alternatives voting systems would fit best with the way you would like to see politics conducted in the UK.


Our special online tool for measuring just how “middle” you really are. Watch out though – the results may surprise you.

Economic Reports

Our regular in-depth look at the state of the economy and labour market. We focus on different social or economic aspects of the economy, as well as highlighting the latest trends.

Mapping the jobs crisisMapping unemployment trends

Unemployment figures focus on headline numbers, but the problem of unemployment is not evenly spread around the country. We’ve used an interactive map to highlight some of the areas where it’s hardest to find work.

Is Deregulation Dead?Is Deregulation Dead?

Joint Trades Union Congress / British Chambers of Commerce debate on the future of employment regulation. Check out videos of presentations from the event on 15 July 2010.