From the TUC

Mapping job prospects around the UK: Interactive map

Switch data views:
Hover map for seat names

This map can be switched to show general election results from the 2010 election, alongside the ratio of Jobcentre Plus open vacancies to Jobseekers’ Allowance (JSA) claimants.

Green areas on the map show consituencies where there are a low number of people competing for each vacancy. Orange and red areas show where there may be as many as 43 people for every Jobcentre Plus opening. Vacancy/claimant ratio figures are rounded to the nearest whole number.

You can download the jobs data behind this map in MS Excel format.

Thanks to Tim Craft for making the SVG/javascript code available to plot these maps.

This map requires Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 3, or other more recent browsers to display SVG graphics – apologies to anyone who can’t make use of it.