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‘Economists for free trade’ contradicted by today’s GDP data

Geoff Tily

24 Aug 2017, by in Economics

In a provocative piece this week (‘From Project Fear to Project Prosperity’), Professor Patrick Minford made a number of claims about the post-referendum economy. Apparently “the devaluation brought on by Brexit is acting as a powerful stimulus to the economy …”. Here’s how: … switching demand away from consumers to net exports and business investment,…

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Why on earth have social care workers not been getting the National Minimum Wage?

Paul Sellers

18 Aug 2017, by in Working Life

Enforcement of the NMW for sleep-ins temporarily suspended in social care Last month the government announced it was waiving historic financial penalties and temporarily suspending enforcement of the National Minimum Wage (NMW) for workers required to ‘sleep-in’ on their employer’s premises overnight to look after social care residents. This is unprecedented action from a government…

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The government’s decision to privatise enforcement puts profits ahead of security

James Davies

07 Aug 2017, by in Public services

PCS has launched a campaign to halt the Conservative government’s latest attempt to privatise sensitive work in our justice system.  On 1 August, civil servants employed as civilian enforcement officers (CEOs) were told that the work they do enforcing financial fines for the criminal courts, will be put out to tender.  This see around 150 staff outsourced…

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