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Why don’t companies recognise that unions are essential in the fight against modern slavery?

Cindy Berman

24 Jul 2017, by in International

Everyone, it seems, is now committed to ending forced labour and child labour.  Governments, international institutions, NGOs and businesses have come under enormous pressure to do something — and to be seen to be doing something. A good example of this is a resolution on forced labour passed by the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), which…

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Why multipliers matter

Geoff Tily

24 Jul 2017, by in Economics

“Nothing in economics is more potent than a simple idea whose time has come”, Gavyn Davies, October 21st 2012 The week before last, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) published a new assessment of ‘fiscal risks’ to the UK. Reporting on threats to the public finances, they warned against new spending commitments: “… new unfunded…

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Our enforcement system isn’t working. What’s the Taylor Review going to do about it?

Matt Creagh

21 Jul 2017, by in Working Life

The Taylor Review includes a section on “fairer enforcement”, which concludes with the statement: “The two-tier enforcement framework in the UK works”. No it doesn’t.  Two things immediately spring to mind that show this statement isn’t true: Employment tribunal fees price people out of justice. Ministry of Justice statistics show that claims have dropped by…

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Is there really a public sector pay premium?

Kam Gill

20 Jul 2017, by in Labour market

Over the weekend Chancellor Philip Hammond was reported as saying that public sector workers are overpaid. On the Andrew Marr show on Sunday he was given multiple opportunities to deny the accusation. But while he did not repeat the tone-deaf claim, neither did he row back on it. Instead, he made significant play of the…

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