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An economic and social audit of the ‘City’

Mick McAteer

19 Jul 2017, by in Economics

As its many champions constantly tell us, the City provides huge benefits to our economy in the form of contribution to GDP, tax take, balance of payments, employment and usage of financial services by UK households. This is undoubtedly true. But, the Financial Inclusion Centre’s new report for the TUC shows, set against that are…

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What the Taylor Review says about learning and skills

Iain Murray

14 Jul 2017, by in Labour market

Apart from the specialist press, such as the TES, coverage of the proposals in the Taylor Review on learning and skills has been limited. This is not too surprising considering the focus of the review on tackling contentious employment rights issues in the gig economy and the varied reactions to these recommendations (e.g. see various…

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The Taylor review: The yay, the meh, and the no way

Kate Bell

11 Jul 2017, by in Working Life

The Taylor review is finally here, along with a pretty large sense of anti-climax. This isn’t the game changer those in insecure work were looking for. In assessing what it means, we’ve tried to keep in mind the people who told us about their experience of insecure work, of shifts being cancelled at the drop…

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