From the TUC

A New Year Message

Brendan Barber

30 Dec 2008, by in Economics

2009 has to mark a decisive turning point, away from the neo-liberal market-always-knows-best conventional wisdom that brought our economy to the brink of a catastrophic collapse, towards a fairer, more balanced economy delivering sustainable prosperity. This is going to be a grim year. Unemployment will increase every month. Some predict it will hit three million,…

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Long-term unemployment on the rise

Nicola Smith

17 Dec 2008, by in Economics, Society & Welfare

Today’s figures show that long-term unemployment (over 12 months) has increased, reaching 438,000, 54,000 higher than in October 2007. The number of redundancies in August-October 2008 have also risen 180,000 – up from 139,000 in May–July 2008 – with increases across all industries. The worst affected areas have been distribution, hotels and restaurants, transport and…

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The CBI on public sector pensions

Nigel Stanley

15 Dec 2008, by in Pensions & Investment

The CBI have joined the fray on public sector pensions. Of course they are more subtle than the Taxpayers’ Alliance and right-wing tabloids in their arguments, but they will still be seized on by all those aiming to stir up pensions envy from private sector staff understandably angry about not having a pension. And I thought it…

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The Taxpayers Alliance attack council PR

Nigel Stanley

12 Dec 2008, by in Economics

Once again the Taxpayers Alliance are all over the media. Today’s claim is that councils are spending millions on ‘spin’ through an analysis of council’s PR budgets. But this is even more thinly based than most TPA reports. Councils have a statutory duty to advertise things like planning applications – hardly spin. Nor do I think…

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