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Investor pressure over human rights pays off

Alice Hood

04 Dec 2008, by in Pensions & Investment

Here’s an interesting piece from the Responsible Investor site about the impact that pressure from major investors such as pension funds can have on corporate behaviour.  Facilities management company Sodexo has agreed to adopt a human rights policy across all their activities after investors raised serious concerns  about the treatment of people at a UK detention centre run by…

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Tough talk on rogue employment agencies

Nicola Smith

04 Dec 2008, by in Working Life

A satisfying change in tone from the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate which is now in the business of “purging” rogue employers rather than denying that any of them exist. Still, with only 26 inspectors nationally it will remain hard pressed to prevent the worst practice.

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Tax Havens Review: independent we hope

Adam Lent

03 Dec 2008, by in Economics

The Government formally announced its independent review of tax havens today which was trailed in the Pre-Budget Report.  This is a very positive move and I’m sure a lot of groups that normally get shut out of the closed world of tax policy lobbying will want to make submissions and give evidence. This world is…

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It doesn’t add up

Nigel Stanley

03 Dec 2008, by in Blogging

Stumbling and Mumbling has an entertaining filleting of Guido’s most recent attack on the Chancellor. Just occasionally the TUC has got some stats wrong, but hardly any one ever notices. Indeed I did a quick bit of mental arithmetic the other day and underestimated some job loss figures. This one was spotted by a journalist, but that’s…

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Why is welfare policy in the papers but not the Queen’s speech?

Nicola Smith

03 Dec 2008, by in Economics, Labour market, Politics, Society & Welfare

Today’s papers were full of reports about new welfare policies to stop the evil unemployed from stealing our taxes. But although nationwide lie detector tests and ‘one strike and you’re out‘ sanctions have been heavily trailed, I have yet to find reference to them in any Ministerial comments (please let me know if you have). The…

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New flexible working rights confirmed in Queen’s speech

Nicola Smith

03 Dec 2008, by in Labour market, Working Life

The Government will not be withdrawing or postponing proposals to introduce new flexible working rights for parents from April 2009. This is good news. Government have listened to the evidence, which shows that flexible working is good for employees and for business, during recession or periods of growth, and for small as well as large organisations.  The Federation of…

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Zimbabwe’s economy: dollarising or dolorising?

Owen Tudor

29 Nov 2008, by in International

A recently received mis-typed email revealed a wider truth. On Wednesday 3 December, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has called a day of action to draw attention to the continuing downward spiral of the economy of Zimbabwe – join their protest here. The latest phase is characterised by the flight of big business and…

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