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The Taylor Review: What do we know so far?

Kate Bell

10 Jul 2017, by in Working Life

There’s been a flurry of pre-briefing over the weekend on the Taylor report. We’ve rounded up what we know so far, and added our thoughts on what that would mean for the 3.2 million people in insecure work. Of course we’ll have to wait till the actual report is published tomorrow to give our final…

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The Taylor review: what should it say?

Kate Bell

07 Jul 2017, by in Working Life

The long-awaited Taylor Review into “modern employment” practices is just days away from publication. It’s been talked up a great deal by ministers and cited numerous times by the Prime Minister, so it’s fair to say that expectations are high. Matthew deserves credit for his willingness to engage throughout the review. He has heard from…

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Can increased public spending pay for itself?

Geoff Tily

07 Jul 2017, by in Economics

Since the election, we’ve seen several proclamations of the ‘end of austerity’. As TUC post election poll (among others) has showed, there is now a clear majority in favour of ‘Maintaining decent public services even if that means my taxes go up’. This is a far cry from some of the rhetoric during the election…

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The benefits of decent work in global supply chains

Tanya Warlock

30 Jun 2017, by in International

The importance of decent work in global supply chains continues to be reiterated by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the UN’s agency on labour standards. At this year’s 106th Session of the International Labour Conference (ILC), discussions took place around the need to “further assess shortfalls in working conditions as well as governance issues that…

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