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Durban: Europe should go beyond business as usual and push a Sustainable New Deal

29 Nov 2011, by in Environment

National and European concerns about the potential for economic depression in Europe are dominating choices on long-term policymaking. The current official narrative of severe austerity measures is thwarting the ambition and action we need to combat climate change whilst promoting social justice. The market alone will not deliver radically lower climate-damaging emissions, nor will leaving…

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Durban Diary 1: Petrolheads circle over Durban

28 Nov 2011, by in Environment

Consider this: When Environment Secretary Chris Huhne robustly defended the need for a new global climate deal, he was presumably unaware that his Government was reported to be giving Canada ‘high level, secret support’ for its tar sands imports to Europe? It’s game over for the climate if the oil sands are exploited, NASA scientist…

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