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Electoral Reform Test

electoral rosettes

There is a widespread sense that there is something wrong with British democratic politics. Turnout in elections is now at a record low. Fewer than one in four eligible voters backed Labour – the winning party at the 2005 election. The MPs’ expenses scandal has led to disillusionment and even disgust with democratic politics.

Many say that changing our electoral system should be one response to these problems – restoring legitimacy in the choices we make at election. But there are a large number of possible systems we could adopt – each bringing advantages and disadvantages, and changing the outcomes of the same election in very different ways.

We’ve focused on the five main voting systems, and have scored each of them against a list of principles that might be demanded of them. Take our test here, to see which of the systems would best match the way you’d like to see Britain voting.

Read the following statements, and see which you would agree with. Choose yes or no for each of them and we’ll tell you which voting system you chose.